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The Chicago O'Hare Airport rental car center is a bustling hub that provides convenient access to rental vehicles for travelers arriving at one of the busiest airports in the United States. Located just a short distance away from the main terminals, the rental car center offers a wide range of options from various car rental companies. Upon arrival, passengers can easily reach the rental car center by following clear signage and utilizing the airport's efficient shuttle service. The center boasts a state-of-the-art facility, designed to streamline the process of renting a car. Inside, visitors will find well-organized counters staffed by friendly and knowledgeable representatives ready to assist with reservations, vehicle selection, and any inquiries. With a plethora of rental car options available, travelers can choose from economy cars, luxury vehicles, SUVs, and more, catering to individual preferences and needs. The rental car center's close proximity to the airport allows for quick and convenient access to major highways, enabling visitors to explore the vibrant city of Chicago and its surrounding areas with ease. Overall, the Chicago O'Hare Airport rental car center provides a seamless and efficient experience, allowing travelers to embark on their journeys without delay, and making it a popular choice for those seeking ground transportation options in the Windy City.

Where Is Chicago O Hare Airport Rental Car Center ?

10255 W. Zemke Blvd

ORD Airport






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Arriving At Chicago O Hare Airport Rental Car Center

To navigate to the Chicago O'Hare Airport rental car center from the terminal, travelers can easily follow the well-marked signs directing them to the appropriate location. After arriving at the terminal, passengers should look for signs indicating "Rental Cars" or "Rental Car Shuttles." These signs are typically placed in visible areas, such as near baggage claim or transportation hubs. Once travelers locate the rental car signs, they can proceed to the designated shuttle pick-up area. O'Hare Airport provides a dedicated shuttle service specifically for rental car customers. Passengers can board these shuttles, which run on a frequent schedule, ensuring minimal wait times. The shuttle then transports passengers from the terminal to the rental car center, which is located nearby. The journey typically takes just a few minutes, allowing travelers to quickly access their chosen rental car provider. Upon arrival at the rental car center, customers will find counters for various rental car companies. These counters are conveniently organized in a central area, making it easy for travelers to approach their preferred rental car company, complete necessary paperwork, and collect their rental vehicle. In summary, navigating to the Chicago O'Hare Airport rental car center from the terminal involves following clear signage, boarding the rental car shuttle, enjoying a short ride to the center, and locating the counters of the desired rental car company.

Departing From Chicago O Hare Airport Rental Car Center

Dropping off a car at the Chicago O'Hare Airport rental car center is a straightforward and convenient process. As travelers approach the airport, they can follow the signs directing them to the rental car return area. These signs are typically well-placed and easy to follow, guiding drivers to the designated drop-off zone. Upon entering the rental car center, drivers will find clear signage directing them to the appropriate area for returning their rental vehicle. The center is designed to efficiently handle the return process, with clearly marked lanes and signage indicating the rental car company returns. Drivers can park their rental vehicles in the designated return lane for their specific rental car company. At this point, it's essential to ensure all personal belongings are removed from the vehicle. Rental car employees or self-service kiosks are typically available to assist with the return process. These staff members can inspect the vehicle, finalize any paperwork, and provide a receipt for the return. Once the return process is complete, travelers can proceed to the nearby shuttle stop, which offers transportation back to the airport terminals. The shuttles run regularly, ensuring minimal wait times. Overall, dropping off a rental car at the Chicago O'Hare Airport rental car center is a well-organized and efficient process, with clear signage, designated return lanes, and shuttle services readily available to ensure a seamless transition for travelers.

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Rental Car Company Telephone Numbers At Chicago O Hare Airport Rental Car Center

Alamo: 844 354-6962
Avis: 773 825-4600
Budget: 800 218-7992
Dollar: 800 800-4000
Enterprise: 855 266-9289
Fox: 323 593-7485
Hertz: 800 654-3131
National: 800 367-6767
Payless: 800 729-5377
Sixt: (888) 749-8227
Thrifty: (800) 847-4389 | Sitemap

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