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The Basics Of Guayaquil


It's a fantastic idea to visit Guayaquil, on offer is a varied selection of attractions regardless how large or small your group is. We don't plan to suggest which sights and attractions you visit while in Guayaquil but maybe offer up some advice on what is available to do there. Not unlike other cities, there are good and bad places to visit and if this visit is your first to Guayaquil or if you have been there before, it's important you make the most of your time there. It is good to have an idea of what type of trip you want to make, and Guayaquil has a number of really interesting experiences that you will remember for a long time.

Guayaquil Things To See And Do

While paying a visit in Guayaquil there are a lot of interesting places which are worth some of your time. The esteemed Guayas position of Ecuador has attractions that you may know and maybe others that are not known to outsiders of Guayaquil we have assembled a List of Ten to help you:

1. Cerro Santa Ana
2. Parque Historico Guayaquil
3. Malecon 2000
4. Parque de las Iguanas
5. Las Penas
6. Santa Ana Port
7. Botanical Garden of Guayaquil
8. Manglares Churute Mangrove Tours
9. Gray Line Ecuador
10. Centro Comercial

This collection are just to get you going if you have a good travel guide and map you can seek out a bit more and depending how much time you have in Guayaquil. You will discover other enjoyable locations and attractions in and around the Guayaquil vicinity of Ecuador.

Getting Around In Guayaquil

Guayaquil is a fairly simple location to get around, once you have your bearings and understand the layout with the help of some local landmarks you should be able to navigate around with ease. You can cover a lot of the city on foot but ensure not to venture into unknown territory at night. If you wish to cover larger distances across Guayaquil there are a number of transport options. There is a city wide bus system where passes can be bought to include multiple trips. If you are in a larger party, it might be better to use a Rental Car in Guayaquil, there is also the alternative to use Guayaquil Taxis, but be aware of slow moving traffic at rush hour. What ever method you use to explore Guayaquil ensure you see as much of it as you can.

Hotels In Guayaquil

If you wish to reside in Guayaquil for longer period of time you will need to find a place to stay. Guayaquil offers a broad range of places to stay these includes high end, deluxed locations to lower end hotels, bed and breakfasts and hostels. If you are visiting the city on business ensure that the hotel you pick has the business facilites that suit your needs, check the area location is good as traffic in Guayaquil can result in problems at certain times of the day. If you are looking for a prestigious hotel to stay at there is a selection of top chain and independent hotels. Guayaquil also offers an excellent array of lower star hotel options that provide simple but functional facilities for visitors to the city. If you do not have a huge accommodation budget there is a number of hostels and guest houses in the city which are a fine place to sleep overnight. Whatever accommodation type you select in Guayaquil ensure you take time to seek out deals that are available on countless travel web sites, often when there is a big event on in town.

Recommended Hotels In Guayaquil

1. Holiday Inn Guayaquil Airport
2. Hotel Oro Verde Guayaquil
3. Hotel Palace Guayaquil
4. Hampton Inn by Hilton Guayaquil-Downtown
5. Wyndham Guayaquil

Venues To Dine In Guayaquil

There are many different places to eat in Guayaquil, the venue you are limited to is only bound by your budget and tastes. There are quite a lot of dining venues that offer Ecuadorian meals and don't break the bank. If you are seeking out a high quality dining venue these exist in numbers, but be sure to have placed a prior booking also ensure you are dressed correctly. If you just want quick food there are the familiar names , but if you are on the look out for something more authentic you should try asking a local or a taxi driver where they suggest. A key aspect of visiting a new city to try new things, this includes it's food There is a wide variety of places to dine in Guayaquil. whether that is a café, a fine restaurant or food from a street vendor. Check out local guides and press for offers and try something that you have never had before.

Recommended Places To Eat In Guayaquil

1. Noe
2. Riviera
3. La Taberna Libanesa
4. Embarcadero 41
5. La Dona

Guayaquil Key Facts

When coming to terms with a new location like Guayaquil it is good practice to have some inside knowledge. There are some here that could help you.

Continent: South America
Country: Ecuador
Region: Guayas
International Dialing Code: 593
Guayaquil Coordinates: 2°11'S 79°53'W
Altitude: 4 m (13.2 ft)
Currency: United States dollar (USD)
Language: Spanish
Guayaquil Time Zone: ECT (UTC-5)
City Population: 3,500,000
Metro Population: 5,000,000
Temperature High In 31°C (88°F)
Temperature Low In 20°C (68°F)

Keeping Safe In Guayaquil

Just like other cities Guayaquil has it's pros and cons, it is essential to have your wits about you and you and your family with main safe and have a great trip to this fantastic Ecuadorian place. Take a good guide book and know where you are going, don't make it obvious you are a tourist by flaunting expensive devices around and don't carry your passport and large amounts of cash on you. Stay within popular areas after nightfall and if you find yourself stranded, ask a police officer or hail a cab. Just because you are enjoying yourself, don't switch off your senses completely. Bear this is mind and you will have a great time in Guayaquil. As a rule Ecuador is a safe location with helpful and warm citizens. Some rudimentary planning works in your favour and if you have a picture in your mind of the city you can understand it better.

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