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Get Your Teeth Into Medellin

There are a number of reasons for a visit to Medellin, on offer is a number of brilliant attractions regardless how large or small your group is. We don't aim to sway your mind on what to do while in Medellin but maybe offer up some advice on what is available to do there. Not unlike other cities; there are good and bad places to visit and if this visit is your first to Medellin or if you are a seasoned visitor; there is always something new to see or do. It can be wise to set in your mind what you want to do and see; and Medellin has a number of really interesting experiences that you will remember for a long time.

Medellin Top Ten

While visiting Medellin there are some great sights & attractions that you should really plan into your trip. The fantastic Antioquia Department area of Columbia has places of interest known to many and others that are less well known to visitors of Medellin we have put together a great list to guide you:

1. Medellin Metrocable
2. Parque Explora
3. Museo de Antioquia
4. Arvi Park
5. Laguna de Guatape
6. El Tesoro Parque Comercial
7. Jardin Botanico de Medellin
8. Plaza Botero
9. Planetario de Medellin
10. El Castillo Museo y Jardines

Getting Around In Medellin

Medellin is a fairly easy city to get around; once you have an eye for the place and know a couple of local landmarks you should be able to navigate around with ease. You can cover a lot of the city as a pedestrian but ensure not to venture into unknown territory at night. If you want to travel greater distances across Medellin there are other ways to get around. The Medellin Metro (Metro de Medellin) contains 2 lines with 27 stations. There is a good network of buses that passes can be bought to cover you for multiple journeys. If your own wheels are required why not hire a Rental Car In Medellin, there is also the option to use Medellin Taxis, where you can seek local knowledge from your driver. What ever method you use to explore Medellin make sure you see as much of the city as your can.

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Places To Stay In Medellin

If you are staying in Medellin for a period longer than one day you will be looking for a place to sleep. Medellin offers a broad range of facilities to sleep these consist of hotels at the high end of the star range to lower end hotels; bed and breakfasts and hostels. If you are travelling on business ensure the hotel you decide to select has suitable facilities and is in the right area for your meetings as the traffic in Medellin may result in problems at certain times. If you are seeking out more luxury accommodation there is a selection of top independent and chain hotels. Medellin also offers a good selection of lower star hotels that offer simple but functional facilities for visitors to the city. If you are visiting on a small budget there is a number of guest houses and hotels in the area which are a fine place to sleep overnight. Whatever accommodation type you select in Medellin try and make time to see if any bargains exists on a wide array of travel web sites, often when there is a big event on in town.

Recommended Hotels In Medellin
1. Hotel Poblado Plaza
2. Hotel Poblado Alejandria
3. NH Collection Royal Medellin
4. 61Prado Guesthouse
5. Novelty Suites Hotel

Dining In Medellin

A number of places exist to dine in Medellin; the place you dine at will reflect your tastes and budget. There are quite a lot of dining venues that offer Columbian menus that don't break the bank. If the restaurant type you are looking for is of the high end there are a number of these; but be sure to have a prior reservation and make sure you are dressed suitably. If you just wish to eat without glamour the well known chain brands but if you are seeking something real you should ask a local and see where they suggest. A fundamental part of enjoying a city is to try it's local food There is a wide variety of places to dine in Medellin. whether it is a cafe; restaurant or the food that can be bought and eaten on the street. You should try and seek your local vouchers and ensure that you try something new.

Recommended Places To Eat In Medellin
1. La Provincia
2. Toscano
3. Oci.Mde
4. La Pampa Parrilla Argentina
5. Restaurante Barcal

Medellin Facts And Statistics

When trying to understand a new location like Medellin it is often a good idea to have some inside knowledge. Here are a number of facts that could be of help to you.

Continent: South America
Country: Colombia
Region: Aburra Valley
International Dialing Code: +57
Medellin Coordinates: 6 13?51?N 75 35?26?W
Altitude: 1 500 m (4921 ft)
Currency: Peso (COP)
Language: Spanish
Medellin Time Zone: COT (UTC-5)
City Population: 2 441 123
Metro Population: 3 731 447
Temperature High In 28.5 F / 83.3 C
Temperature Low In 17.2 C / 63 F

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